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We know you have many choices in who you let into your home, so we aim to treat it like our own. We carry all insurances licenses needed, so there is no risk to you. And don’t forget, we are the only company in San Diego that offers perfectly clean windows in 49 hours GUARANTEED! Call or text us at 760.485.4461

Our 49 Hour Guarantee

Add $89 to guarantee your windows cleaned in 49 hours or less. What’s the story with this guarantee? Well sometimes you have to get the windows cleaned and can’t wait… the in-laws are coming, the party is tomorrow, the open house, whatever your crisis is we can help solve it! By selecting this option you are guaranteed to have your windows cleaned within 49 hours, even if we have to move a mountain to get it done, we will do it.

The Window Cleaning Crisis-

  • Open House
  • In-Laws are coming
  • Party Plans

Only one company in all of San Diego is brave enough to make this promise – BC Window Cleaning. One more thing, often times we can fit your home in the schedule with in a day or two but if you can’t risk it because your mother in-law will be over soon inspecting the home, insure your place and ask for 49 hours or less.

To schedule a cleaning, call or text 760.485.4461

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